B.B. King Lucille 2018 – Alpine White

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Join Sweetwater as we revel in another re-telling of the Lucille legend that goes something like this: As a young man just coming into his own as a blues guitarist, B.B. King saw a certain Gibson ES-335 in a music store and had to have it. After working hard and saving his money, he finally was able to buy the guitar of his dreams. B.B. took his new axe to a gig he was playing in a club in New Orleans. During the set, a fight broke out between two men; a gas lamp was knocked over and a fire broke out. As the club began to burn, everyone ran outside — including B.B. — who upon reaching safety, realized that he had left his prized ‘335 in the club. B.B. ran back in, grabbed his guitar, and barely made it out the door with his guitar (and his life) as the club collapsed in flames behind him. As the story goes, the two men were fighting over a woman named Lucille. And so B.B. named the guitar Lucille — reputedly to remind himself never to do anything that stupid again.


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